Czech artist David Cerny is known for his large-scale public sculptures, including a jacked bus that did push-ups during the London Olympics and an installation of four giant guns hanging in a museum's courtyard in Prague. Now the artist has used his talents to take a jab at Czech President Milos Zeman with a huge, purple hand flipping off the government. 

Cerny's hand floated down the Vltava River on Monday, an obscene gesture aimed at the Prague Castle, the president's home base. The anti-Communist artist's anger is in response to President Zeman's support of a plan by the leftist Social Democrats that would allow the Communist party to gain indirect power in the  government, something that hasn't happened since the 1989 anti-Communist Velvet Revolution. Cerny's middle finger to the government is the artist's way of saying "f**k you."

[via HuffPost]

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