There is no questioning Carmelo Anthony’s status as one of the most stylish NBA players today. However, if you hark back to the 2003 NBA Draft, you would probably think otherwise. The six-button (count them) suit looked more like a tan lab coat than something you would wear to the most important day of your career.

But Melo's honest with himself. In his latest interview with Esquire magazine he admitted it was “terrible.” We imagine he was shaking his head admitting that. “If I was being drafted now I would keep it simple. A simple two-button suit and that's it,” he adds.

Melo also mentions who he thinks are some of the best dressed in the NBA today. Russel Westbrook, Dwayne Wade, and LeBron James are his top three picks, but admits everyone is as competitive off the court as they are on court when it comes to style. For the rest of the baller's interview, and a hint to a possible collaboration on the works, visit the Esquire website

[via Esquire]