If you are out here thirsting for Yeezus Tour merchandise and don't have tickets to see the show and your friends who are going are huge dickheads who won't buy you merch at the show even if you give them money beforehand, then now's the time to rejoice. We're not really sure why Kanye and his posse have this weird relationship with PacSun, outside of the fact that homie definitely got PAID for by the mass retailer. Personally, it seems like if he was going to do this type of thing with a mall brand, it would have made more sense to do it with, like, ZaRAH *Kanye interview voice* or H&M. At least those companies understand current trends and capital "F" Fashion.

According to sources (read: the comments section on Complex Style), these T-shirts (which are actually 2 tank tops and one tee) are in fact not the exact same as the ones you can purchase on the tour itself. Absent on the PacSun editions are the tour dates, which kind of makes them not tour merchandise at all then, right? Either way, if you're interested head on over to Pac Sun's online store or to your local mall.