Poesia is one of our favorite graffiti artists, capable of bringing an academic discussion of the form to the front of the discussion. His show More Force Than Judgment tied renaissance art to the graffiti movement in a vibrant way, as many of his pieces often do. Last we heard from him, he was bombing in Hawaii, putting up some of the flashiest murals he's done yet. Now, you've got a chance to own an original work of art by one of the people on the vanguard of street art. 

He’s put up a handful of mixed-media drawings for sale on a Graffuturism page. Most of them are “gestural” works in very specific palettes, abstract paintings and drawings on paper. "This work is from a series of studies on paper called Gestural Axis. The series is part of an ongoing study of non-representational gestural elements influenced by Graffiti," he writes. 

Check out a few of the pieces above and hit up Poesia’s page to pick one up.

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[via Graffuturism]