BMW presents sound art pieces by Trisha Baga, Charles Atlas and New Humans (who was also a part of BMW Tate Live), and Haroon Mirza for this year's edition of Frieze Sounds, which has been curated by Cecilia Alemani and has existed since Frieze New York in 2012. The "Frieze Sounds" will play in BMW VIP cars to and from Frieze London (October 17-20 at Regent's Park) and can also be heard online.

Sound art is having a moment—Colgate had an exhibition of Chinese sound art last March, and MoMA currently has a landmark sound art exhibition, "Soundings: A Contemporary Score," up now. As people grow to understand the medium, efforts like Frieze Sounds encourage artists to continue explorations in sound.

BMW Guggenheim Lab is also presenting the exhibition "Participatory City: 100 Urban Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab," on October 11 in New York, which highlights what they learned about architecture, urbanism, and the ways people interact with cities and public space from the traveling lab. Preview the sounds here and check out a list of them below:

Haroon Mirza
Recording for a car, 2013
Moving Towards a Waterfall, 2013

Charles Atlas and New Humans
How to Escape the Island, 2013

Trisha Baga
Hercules Radio, 2013

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