Halloween is fast approaching and everyone is scrambling to find some last minute costume ideas to wear. Luckily for A$AP Ferg, Angel Haze, and other New Yorkers, they got some custom designer joints to bring to whatever spooky party they're hitting up on the 31st. Now, these aren’t your conventional rubber Chewbacca jump-offs, but something more like an avant-garde thesis piece for a Masters level art class.

Vogue tapped designers Stephen Jones, Eugenia Kim, Warby Parker, Opening Ceremony and more to whip up something for the upcoming holiday. The results are masks made out of papier-mâché, flower petals, and rhinestones, and other complicated materials. Fergenstein is wearing what looks like cake batter paired up with a dope San Jose Sharks hockey jersey.

If you were doubting that going DIY for your costume this year is wack, just look at how cool these ones turned out and get inspired. But for those not about the stupid costumes or handing out nasty candy corns, there are other Halloween-themed clothing items available at your disposal.

[via Vogue]