I don't specifically know why it's 82 degrees on October 4th in NYC right now, but that whole "global warming" schtick seems a pretty accurate source from where my swamp ass is sitting. But soon enough it's going to be colder than a witch's tit out there (that's just something my dad says), which means you're going to need a parka if you don't have one yet. Parkas are the wave this season even though last year we were all about that topcoat life, so instead of me explaining why it would just be easier if you accepted this arbitrary decision as FACT. This version from A.P.C. is called the "Alaska Parka", which I guess is supposed to imply that either it is inspired by typical parkas people where in Alaska or is dope enough to stand up to the epic brickness of an Alaskan winter. Again, probably arbitrary, but just deal with it.