How much would you pay to get laid? No, we're not talking about prostitution, we're talking about hair. New York City hairdresser Mischa G is getting a reputation for giving $150 haircuts (tax and tip included) that are getting her clients from the salon to the bedroom with ease, the New York Post reports.

G, who is a stylist for Bumble & Bumble, is giving the "Get Laid Haircut" to male and female clients, and apparently their newly styled domes are getting them dome. Her cuts have transformed schlubs who look more at home eating pizza and playing video games to guys who can lay down the G like Luther.

Real-life testimonials include Jamie Ignalls, a drummer who went from indie rocker to a dude who was boning within hours of his cut. He recalls how he got laid the same evening he got his cut before a Flaming Lips show. Even better, the 'do G gave 21-year-old college student Phillip McElroy scored him a threesome, he told the newspaper.

G's key to success isn't just transforming guys into something they don't want to be. She takes what they have and works with it. "Women like the unkempt look like Jamie’s, but it has to be a controlled, artful type of unkempt," she told the newspaper.

But her clients aren't just getting action the day of the appointment, some are finding that their haircut looks best two to three days after G is down with her work. If you're in the midst of a slump, this $150 investment might be what you need to slide into home. Just be warned that it could be a slippery slope, and if you don't stay disciplined you might soon find yourself cruising seedy neighborhoods trying to skip out the middleman and execute a more direct "money --> sex" transaction.

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