“Your look is so GQ” is a phrase as iconic as any, undoubtedly sewn into the cultural fabric of men's fashion. Despite the rise of a self-educated #menswear community more interested in describing their own taste and dress, the magazine formerly known as Gentlemen's Quarterly continues to inspire generations of men to be better when it comes to putting on clothes. And yet, when the “#GQ” tag appears on Instagram, it’s, well, bad. Really fucking bad. As it turns out, most men still don’t know what the hell they’re doing when it comes to simply avoiding looking like a total asshole. This fact is, of course, no fault of GQ. It’s unfortunate that the storied publication is now attached to a virtual pile of dog shit, forcibly handcuffed to outfits and their perpetrators who believe their look is deserving of a self-imposed GQ stamp of approval. AND THAT SHIT IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING HILARIOUS!

After browsing the tag yesterday afternoon and reveling in the incomprehensible sartorial struggle of others, we felt compelled—as if it was the sole reason we were put on this earth—to share the spoils with you, dear reader. We ’ve picked the worst or, rather, some of the worst because—YO—this shit goes DEEP. Like, motherfucking-motlen-hot-center-of-the-earth deep. It appears as if we here at Four Pins, like our brethren at GQ, have still have our work cut out for us.