Artist: Judy Chicago
Location: Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
Year Created: 1979

Judy Chicago created this controversial installation piece by sewing the names and representations of famous fictional and real women onto table runners. She would then display them below table settings on a triangular table. The controversy? On many of the plates are sculptures of flowers and butterflies, meant to depict the vulva. Some art critics praised her work as an effort to empower women. Others called it tasteless. However shocking it may be or have been decades ago, you can't deny her artistic genius. Chicago chose a triangular table because the triangle is a symbol for women. Each side consists of 13 place settings (no doubt a modern allusion to The Last Supper, which consisted of 13 men) for a total of 39 place settings. Some famous women referenced include Virginia Woolf, Ishtar, and Georgia O'Keeffe.