We've all heard this story before: Young, naive girl who wants to become a model gets lured in by an older guy with clout in the fashion industry, and she trades sex for the promise of becoming a model. For some girls, it's an opportunity too good to pass up, and the for the guys, it's their way of running game.

On this occasion, a 17-year-old aspiring model at the time, Meghan Chereek, is accusing Wildfox Couture CEO Jimmy Sommers of "forcing" her into having sex with him with the potential that it would build into Chereek becoming a face for Sommer's clothing brand. Sommers was 43 years old at the time.

Chereek, who was a fashion school dropout, had a chance meeting with the CEO, who then allowed her to stay at his home. Which, over a few-month time period, Chereek claims she was supplied with a never-ending stream of drugs and sex from Sommers—all because he led her to believe she would become a model, Jezebel is reporting.

Now, Chereek is suing Sommers for a boatload of damages, and he is being charged with having sex with a minor. We saw something similar pop-up earlier in the year when models accused Terry Richardson of likewise practices. Which, he was actually defended by model Charlotte Free, who thought the girls knew what they were getting themselves into.

In all fairness, it's horrible to hear stuff like this happen, but when a clothing company has half-naked girls who look strung-out, partaking in random, opulent activities on its website, it's not too surprising to hear this stuff go down behind-the-scenes. We just wish it didn't happen.

 [via Jezebel]