We know the helmet doesn't make the team, but these new "Hokie Stone" helmets that Virginia Tech will wear at Georgia Tech on September 26 may get them laughed out of Bobby Dodd Stadium. The design of the helmets are meant to resemble the limestones used on the buildings of Virginia Tech that were mined from nearby quarries. As a homage to their school's history, it makes perfect sense...but as a helmet design? Not so much. They should have incorporated the stone into the logo design, or added a rock patch to their jersey or something, anything short of this full rock wrap that looks like a patio in Fort Lauderdale. 

Paul Lukas told ESPN that in person the helmets don't look as strange as they do in photographs and that the sun gives them more of a grey appearance. We guess we will have to wait until gameday to see if that's true. Maybe next time they will learn from what Under Armor did for the Maryland Terrapins' awesome new helmets.

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