Well, this might very well be the best shawl collar cardigan I've seen on UNIONMADE in the past 15 minutes. That's high praise when consider the fact that roughly 70% of their inventory is made up of shawl collar cardigans. Anyone else feeling that zippers are cooler than buttons right now? Although, unless it's a double zipper, buttons still have the upper hand in terms of cholo stylings. As for this cardigan, clearly what is has going for it is the contrast paneling/color blocking on the left side and right sleeve. That's how people will know you didn't get your shit from some basic ass mass retailer. That's kind of sad, right, that most dudes statistically speaking would take one look at this cardigan if they saw it in a store and their first thought would be, "TWO TYPES OF BLUE ON ONE SWEATER?! WHAT AM I? SOME KIND OF ASSHOLE?" Yes, sir, yes you are.