London is known for its grey skies, rough and tumble citizens, and being one of the best-dressed cities in the world. It's also home to an emerging streetwear scene that isn't like anywhere else on the map. It's a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that broods something slightly sinister in its aesthetic, and Tourne de Transmission is a label we're glad is adding to this look. This season, the brand mixes an all-black aesthetic with prints that pop but don't exactly cheer you up. They're more likely to melt your mind.

For fall/winter 2013, the brand is influenced by Jack London, the author, and his book, People of the Abyss. Which, if you look at the brand's visuals, fits perfectly into the mood that it has established. If you want something a little darker than normal this season, check the brand's website for more information.