As much as we love the city, it's good to escape on the weekend every so often. This doesn't mean you should forfeit your stylish ways and wear ratty clothes that are more likely to be worn in the privacy of your home. Topo Designs fleece jackets have become a menswear staple, and the latest jackets for fall 2013 tone things down a notch, but make them even more wearable.

Gone are the multi-colored pockets and panels from last year's models, but there's still a hidden contrast underneath the jacket's buttons. Think of it as a half-zip but way more stylish. So you'll fit in with the upstate locals, but still keep your cred with your blogger friends in the city. Except, you'll be the one who scales trails, cracks open a few beers around the campsite, and cooks your breakfast over an open flame. Who cares if you miss brunch this week?

The jackets retail for $129, come in three color options, and have a trim fit. They're ideal for layering or being worn on their own. And if it gets a little too warm on your hike, you can easily place this jacket in your bag.

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