New York City may be the center of the world, but even with all of its people, fashion, food, and nightlife, even the city's most stylish residents prefer to get away, go upstate, and actually get some quality time in the outdoors gear they've been salivating over.

Amongst the fall necessities of sweaters, vests, and beanies that get worn in the woods is a good pair of boots. And Timberland is celebrating 40 years of being in the footwear. To toast the occasion, the New Hampshire-based brand and The Rig Out took photographers Noah Kalina and Mordechai Rubinstein to chop their own wood, build a campfire, and enjoy the times that sitting around an open flame can bring.

They also wore updated pairs of the 6" Super Boot, the World Hiker, and the Super Boot (more commonly referred to as the "40 Below") which are all set to arrive this fall and present different options so you can give your Wheats a much-needed rest.

If you're searching out a more athletic pair of Timbs, or want to dress like a '90s NYC rapper, when rugged outdoors gear ruled hip-hop, watch the video above to get some boot-inspiration and prepare for the imminent arrivals of these updated classics.