Somerville, Massachusett recently cut the ribbon on the Mµseum, the smallest museum in the world. The µ is the Greek symbol for micro, so the name fits the stature of the "building" perfectly. Artist Judith Klausner came up with the idea when she noticed that not many art institutions in the city included works from local artists. The Mµseum is technically a small box with a solar panel for lighting, but it represents a much larger idea. Klausner says that, even for an artist, galleries and museums can be cold and alienating, something that she hoped to eliminate with the Mµseum: "By having a space that uses some of the same visual vocabulary as a museum, but presents art in a low-pressure environment where you can just check it out as you walk past without paying any money, I hoped to create a bit of a bridge to the world of museums in general."

The first exhibition, Invisible Cities, fits in six works by four different artists, each measuring around two inches. The exhibitions will ideally change on a two month schedule, though Klausner and her partners are still testing out the format. For more information about the Mµseum and the artists involved, visit  

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[via FastCoDesign]