Music writer Mike Evans' book The Art of British Rock: 50 Years of Rock Posters, Flyers and Handbills takes a look at the visual culture that has gone hand in hand with rock music in the UK over the past five decades. From pop art, to psychedelic illustrations, to punk-themed imagery, to computer graphics, this book includes 250 concert posters that promoted iconic bands of the past and present.

Evans writes at the end of his introduction, "What follows, however, isn't just a nostalgic look back at the history of rock music through the lens of its visual manifestation, but a celebration of British rock art as a vibrant creative medium that continues to flourish today."

Each chapter highlights influential designers and artists, showing the creative directors behind the music. The book begins with rock and roll and continues to light on the graphic art that came out of mod, punk, pop rock, and rave music. Including everyone from Jimi Hendrix to David Bowie to the Sex Pistols to the Queens of the Stone Age, this book is a complete look at the vibrant visual movement that arose along with British rock.

Evans' book is available for sale here

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