With the 2020 Summer Olympics headed to Tokyo, there has been a lot of speculation that Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami will be involved with designing the mascot and other Olympic-related art. Although he is highly regarded around the world, Murakami's harshest critics are found in his home country and they let him know that they were not happy about the hypothetical situation. In responding to the unfounded criticism, Murakami went on the defensive, tweeting this rather sad message: "Well, it’s true that my clients and collectors are foreigners and non-Japanese, but I pay all my taxes on time, and have chosen to live my life in a way that has absolutely no reason to attract complaints from others. So all the anger and annoyance calling for me not to be involved in the Olympics, has been yet another painful reminder of my own position and status within Japan."

We can only imagine the backlash if Murakami is selected and accepts the project. Tokyo hasn't hosted the Summer Olympics since 1964 so this is kind of a big deal for whatever artist is asked to participate.

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[via ArtInfo]