Yes, it's affirmed thatSupreme's fall/winter 2013 collection is at least a solid B+ or higher. Which is more than a passing grade in today's climate of disposable streetwear collections, but we were waiting for that one "oh my god, that's fucking rad" accessory that the New York City brand is always known for. Last season, it was an inflatable raft for those who literally wanted to get wavy. Now, we're privy to this season's coffee table piece from the brand: a set of gold playing cards, which dropped today.

But if you were on the hunt for clothes, there's also the perfect denim shirts, a Mark Gonzales-designed sweatshirt that reads, "I"ve never wanted to piss on someone's face more than I want to piss on yours," and a few Champion sweatshirts with paisley-lined hoods that are sure to sell-out quick. So hurry, click here to shop the new drops.