Why not have a mobile town square, particularly when there’s no public space to speak of in your town? That’s exactly what’s going on in Cricklewood, England, where a mobile town center has been created to serve as a temporary venue for civic events. Enter, by pedal-power, Cricklewood Town Square.

According to the project’s website, there’s no public space in this entire North West London township. They don’t even have any benches, apparently. Not a single library! Not even a center square where people congregate.  

So in order to reclaim public spaces forgotten to the wastes of absence, civic-thinking collective Spacemakers designed a mobile town square for Cricklewood. It’s a project designed and built by artist Kieren Jones, and her studio constructed the bike-building apparatus. It can go anywhere to host film screenings, or talent shows, or pie-eating contests.

“But more than this,” the project’s page says, “it aims to set a precedent, and help local people start asking a question: what sort of space do we want, and where could we find it?”

[via PSFK]

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