Earlier this year, we declared that Sam McWilliams, who runs his eponymous brand, Sam Mc London, would become hip-hop's next go-to designer. The reason we said this was because of the increased interest in unisex and sports-inspired clothing—both of which his brand offers. Little did we know, that McWilliams would show at VFiles' NYFW show, and then launch a crazy good ad campaign for spring/summer 2014. You could say that we had more than a hunch.

McWilliams' ad campaign plays around the concept that both dudes and women can wear his clothes, and neither would look out of place. There are motocross-like jerseys, printed T-shirts, and matching shorts thrown into the mix. And the collection not only looks like pieces that are currently on the verge of popping, but also a head of the curve for next year.

Needless to say, we're going to be talking about McWilliams more often.

[via V Man]