Grand Theft Auto is certainly an aggregator for popular culture, particularly in regards to movies. With Vice City's homage to Scarface and San Andreas' nod to Boyz in the Hood, it comes as no surprise that Rockstar would place a few movie-inspired Easter eggs into their newest incarnation of the insanely popular GTA franchise.

The current installment, Grand Theft Auto V, takes place in present day, and makes a subtle reference to the movie Drive. And it has us bugging out. Here's why:

In the film, Ryan Gosling plays a quiet drifter who works in a garage, while in his spare time works as a wheelman to pull of heists (which sounds like a Grand Theft Auto game already). While the film is visually stylish, it's Gosling's character's scorpion jacket that really gives the character his look.

In Grand Theft Auto V while playing as Trevor, head into the Blaine County thrift store (humbly named "Discount Store") and go all the way into the back. After some scrolling and searching you should find the "Champagne Driver Blouson."

While the back logo on the jacket is a crab instead of the movie's scorpion logo, the similarity is uncanny. If you needed another reason to purchase the game, besides listening to Cara Delevingne on the game's radio, this is it.

[via GQ/Youtube]