In baggy pants related news, a failed criminal act provides the public with another example of why not to wear baggy pants. A robbery at Orlando's Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine failed after the thief couldn't keep his pants up while trying to make his getaway (of course this would happen in Florida).

Anthony Jason Garcia, the would-be robber, was praying at the shrine when he quietly got up, walked into the church's gift shop, and snagged the cash drawer. As he quickly made his way out, he was pursued by the shrine's maintenance director Joe Larkin.

Orange County Sheriff's spokeswoman Jane Watrel reported, "So here Garcia is, both hands holding the cash drawer and trying to pull up his pants. So he (Larkin) sees an opening."

Apparently, Larkin dove on Garcia and pulled his pants down futher, tripping him up. Larkin then wrestled Garcia down and held him in a wrestling hold known as "the cradle" until the police arrived.

We don't advocate robbing anyone, much less a church. However, if you're dumb enough stick someone up, make sure you wear a belt.

[via The Huffington Post]