We know Rick Owens is a fucking weirdo, but his Spring/Summer 2014 womenswear show that just concluded in Paris is on another level of bizarre. As you can see, the models he used do not look like "models" in the traditional sense. They were, in short, short, more like real women and less like NBA-sized stick figures living off of the 3 C's: cocaine, coffee and cigarettes. They were also angry, which I'm sure serves as some sort of commentary that the majority of women are hella mad that they can't fit into Rick Owens' slim and elongated garments. Well, that or society's pressures to live up to unnaturally high standards in terms of physique and beauty. Or maybe, just maybe, Rick Owens really liked Orange Is The New Black and decided to cast women who look like the cast of his favorite new show. You can't tell me the girl in slide nine doesn't look like Crazy Eyes if she let her hair down. Whatever the motivation, our hats are off to Dicky O, for once again upping the ante for fashion shows as legitimate performance art.