There's nothing more luxe than being a king. No, not figuratively calling yourself that—we mean being actual royalty. But if you can't be king, being a crown prince is a pretty sweet title, too. Princes get to ball out all over the globe, sometimes without even leaving the comfort of their own palace. 

While in town for the United Nations General Assembly meeting, the King Of Morocco sent his staffers to spend hecka racks for his son at Bloomingdales last week in New York City, the New York Post's Page Six is reportingMohammed VI had his staff take over the private men's shopping area, and they left with "a sea of Big Brown Bags" after a trip that cost "thousands and thousands of dollars." 

There was so much gear that it was flown via private jet back to the Crown Prince of Morocco, Moulay Hassan, age 10, who could be one of the most stylish young princes out there. As much as we want to hate on this young lord, it's kinda wrong to talk shit about a 10-year-old. Let's just hope he doesn't turn out like this kid.

[via NY Post]