England's Premier League is the cream of the soccer crop, and provides some of the most exciting, heart-breaking, and insanely entertaining matches you can ever hope for. Every season, 20 teams compete for glory, and the drama and spotlight (not to mention unbelievable paychecks) attract some of the biggest names from around the world. Every player in the league dons their jersey with pride, but some of these jerseys simply look better than others.

Every fan has their favorite team, and weekend brings about the chance to throw back a few pints and scream yourself hoarse until the final whistle But any fan who also cares about style will also take note of the kits that the squads of each match will rock for 90 minutes. This isn't a list that takes skill, tradition, or standings into account. This is purely about the aesthetic of each squad's home and away jerseys. For all 20 teams, this is Just for Kicks: Every Premier League Jersey Ranked From Worst to Best.

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