Silent Whisper is a bag and accessories brand with a wild oxymoron for a name. Look past dumb product descriptions that mention "personnel" and a front line and what you’ll see is some pretty decent goth ninja gear. You know you want to kick it with Rick Owens, but you also know that you can’t wear drop crotches to work without having a discussion with your manager about office protocol. So, unless you work somewhere "cool and creative", Silent Whisper is how you can get in on the action. Side note: Every dude I’ve met that worked at some really awesome office that had, like, bouncy balls for chairs and no dress code and pita wrap Wednesdays always dressed mad corny, which makes no sense, but whatever pita wrap Wednesdays sound amazing. Instead of dropping your crouch, why don’t you grab some goth ninja bags to carry some v. non goth ninja documents to your boring ass day job that requires you to wear “slacks, not jeans” four days out of the week? But when coworkers ask you where you got your new sick bag they may end up watching the crazy scary ass video on Silent Whisper’s homepage and be permanently creeped out by you forever. They'll also assume you are a virgin.