These Perks and Mini sweatpants can be considered a tad busy, what, with the drop crotch, paneling and what Acrimony calls "three dimensional" patch pockets. Although, when you think about it, aren’t all pockets technically three dimensional? Maybe not. Maybe all other pockets are, like, Flat Stanley compared to these pockets. The only problem sweatpants with a robust pocket games may present is the fact that once you put a bunch of stuff in said robust pockets, the sweatpants will sag a bunch because elastic waists don’t do a good job of holding your pants up. I learned that lesson when a kid wearing sweats had his pants fall down while we were doing The President's Challenge physical fitness test in gym class. I'LL NEVER FORGOT THAT SHIT. IT LOOKED SO TRAUMATIC FOR DUDE. Getting pantsed in school—deliberately or accidentally—leaves an indelible mark on a child's psyche.