NY fashion critic Robin Givhan, when speaking in a reddit AMA yesterday, affirmed that with the constant turnover and turnout of new items from retailers, there's no need to buy anything at full price.

Stores are constantly marking down their full price items, bringing in the new and pushing out the older items. No one is unfamiliar to online shops and brick-and-mortar stores holding "one day doorbuster" sales and seasonal markdowns, but to Givhan, the regularity of such sales are the reason you should never invest in your wardrobe without waiting for the inevitable markdown.

"Retailers talk a lot about how the availability of show images pique the interest of consumers before the clothes are available. But I blame retailers for creating a system in which they want spring clothes in November and more shipments every five second[s] and then putting things on sale when they've only been on the racks for one second," said Givhan.

This could be simply cause and effect as, over time, retailers have become both producers and distributors—removing the need for a middle man in terms of a manufacturer. Fast fashion giants like H&M successfully design, introduce and remove items every few weeks while keeping costs down for the consumer.

Before you drop some serious cash on a piece, take a moment step back to think about whether or not it'll be on sale in a few weeks.

[via Huffington Post]