Sassafras is obviously a brand that I’m into currently. I’m not sure why they call this a half shirt, but before you tell me why in the comments, just know I give negative fucks. Instead, I implore you to purchase this very expensive shirt because of the pocket detailing. It’s fairly subtle, but the side-entry pockets are fucking choice. Wear this as an overshirt this winter and while you’re standing outside of Milk Studios in January, nonchalantly put your hands in said pockets. If Tommy Ton doesn’t take your photo I bet you some other struggle street style photog will. You’ll never see the photo because their blog has 7.5 followers, but the other bloggers you’re standing next to won’t get their wack outfits snapped and therefore you will be king shit for, like, 25 minutes until you trip-stumble on a step on the way into your next presentation. Then that guy who really is your nemesis, but who you’re always nice too because your parents taught you proper manners, will get all the shine when his "collabo" with Everlane drops.