Six months ago, MOCAtv asked graffiti and street artists to film and upload videos of "art in public spaces" around the world. After three months and over 120 submissions, the first group of selected videos have been announced. The videos are as diverse in content as they are in origin, with selections from New York City, São Paulo, and London.

In New York City, artist XAM donned a utility jacket and installed site-specific birdhouses at various points to (illegally) "activate an overlooked urban space," while Enzo & Nio filmed their process of making and "throwing up" posters and stickers. In São Paulo, a crowd-funded project made it possible for people to fix and paint the carts used to collect waste from the streets for recycling, and in London, A.ce took viewers on a ride-along while he wheatpasted walls with pop-art inspired imagery.

For the release of these short films, MOCAtv called on renowned graffiti photographer Martha Cooper and street art blogger RJ Rushmore of Vandalog to chose their favorites and discuss them. Check out what Cooper and Rushmore had to say below: