In the most unlikely product endorsement of the week, Michael Vick has partnered with Wavemasterz for a line of brushes that will get your waves in line quick. Even though Vick has seen a resurgence in Chip Kelly's hurry-up offense within the first two week of the NFL season, gone are the days of lucrative deals with Coca-Cola, Powerade, and EA Sports. Now Vick is getting behind something that he truly believes in and most likely uses daily.

Vick has been sporting 360 waves ever since he ditched his infamous braids, and his line of brushes, which has also been co-signed by Bow Wow, is set out to get your hair game "spinning." If you don't believe us, check out the testimonials on his website. The brushes range from $3-$13 and have a mirror on the back of the brush to make sure you're looking right.

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[via Mike Vick]