With everyone running around and screaming, "Versace, Versace, Versace," it needs to be put into perspective how many people have the right to say that. M.I.A. definitely does, because the artist nonchalantly told WWD that she has a collection with the Italian brand coming out in two weeks. 

As far back as last year, it's been rumored that M.I.A. has was partnering on a collaboration with the Illuminati-referencing brand. But she just casually announced her collection by telling WWD, "I have a collaboration with Versace coming out in two weeks."

It's the same unapologetic and carefree attitude that we've come to know and love from the singer. The collection is with Versace's diffusion label, Versus, which is currently led by J.W. Anderson, and lets guest designers put their own spin on the label. Looks like we're about to see what M.I.A.'s vision is all about.

While Drake is having Versace models walk down the runway to his "Versace" anthem with Migos, M.I.A. is actually designing clothes for Donatella Versace. We just have to wait a fortnight to what the clothes will look like, and what the reception will be.

[via WWD]