Say what you will about Mark McNairy's ever expanding range of collaborations or his irreverent attitude in general, but dude can sure as shit put on a fucking show. This guy opened his runway show with Greg Chapman chugging a beer, instantly setting the tone. And by the tone I mean the general feeling that New York Fashion Week is an unbelievable circus of fuckery and sometimes we all just need to chill out. McNasty even sent The Woost God himself down the runway, who, yeah, duh, is handsome. But what really set things off was Pusha T emerging from backstage and straight swagging down the runway like a living, breathing embodiment of his signature ad-lib. In fact, King Push looked like he didn't even know he was on a runway, which, perhaps, is symbolic of something bigger—that menswear and men's fashion have reached a point where maybe we need to have some fun again.