Marcelo Burlon's County of Milan T-shirts have popped up on the backs of rappers over the past year, and even found the designer doing a brief collection with Pusha T. But if you thought Burlon was just about T-shirts, you're in for a pleasant surprise: The designer is going to launch a collection that goes beyond tees and includes drapey jackets, shorts, tank tops, sweaters, hoodies, and even a mask for spring/summer 2014.

Burlon debuted the new pieces in a trippy video that bounces to an exclusive remixed version of Pusha T's "Numbers on the Board," which came to happen because of the rapper and the designer's close relationship. If Burlon keeps up at this pace, he'll have much more than rappers and celebrities wearing his garments next year.

Watch the video above to see the clothes and hear the tunes.