Underground menswear boutique LN-CC is known for carrying some of the most progressive brands around. Rocking the advanced gear that fill up the store's incredible shelves can be a little bit challenging when you first lay your eyes on them. But in case you need some help, the good folks over at LN-CC have pulled together some looks to give you an idea of how to take on silhouettes you may not be used to.

The in-store lookbook provides a look into this seasons selection of clothes. Brands including Raf Simons, Lanvin, Yang Li, Rick Owens and Ann Demeuleemester are all included in the looks. If you ever had the desire to pull up to something and absolutely stunt on everyone in a rabbit fur coat and a torqouise turtle neck sweater, now is the time. Visit the LN-CC store to shop the looks. And if you’re in London, we highly suggest you visit the shop