Justin Bieber had a stretch where he took a bunch of style risks that had us scratching our heads. It wasn't because his style was so next level, but because he decided to wear a gas mask in public. Since those times, Bieber has been quiet in the style risk department, and it might be for the better. It appears that the singer has toned down his look and been modeling adidas' NEO Label latest collection, which includes a bunch of dad jeans. From washed down shirts and jeans, Bieber has kept his look on the simpler side, and we're not complaining.

The editorial also features basic sneakers, plain T-shirts, and casual sneakers. To be honest, we prefer this look over his days of leather pants and sleeveless tops. The pants have a slight drop to them and might not be for everyone, but if you want to play with porportion, this might be a better opportunity. It's just great to see him stay away from studded yellow hats. Let's hope he takes notes from this campaign and adjusts his personal style accordingly.

[via adidasneolabel]