In a recent interview with T-Magazine, Jeff Koons speaks about his collaboration with Dom Perignon, what inspires his work, and why he chose to show work at two competing galleries simultaneously. 

Koons' Dom Perignon collaboration was revealed this summer in the form of a Balloon Venus sculpture for the brand's Rosé 2003. The sculpture is a miniature version of one of the artist's earlier works that he chose because it "plays with scale" and for its gendered qualities: "It’s a feminine object, but its density, and maybe the patina of it, has a masculine quality. …If we look at human history, the only narrative of human history that we have is our genes and our DNA. Every other narrative is developed by political motivations. So the true human history is our genes and DNA. There’s an aspect of consciousness — consciousness is making connections. The way art works is connections." 

When asked about his showing at both Gagosian and David Zwirner Galleries, Koons replied that the competition between the spaces "doesn't matter at all." He wanted to make the conversation more about the art in a climate where the identities of global galleries has become the focus and relationships between artists and gallerists have diminished. Koons is at a point in his career where corporate interests have no influence on what he does as an artist, and that's exactly how it should be.

Click through to T-Magazine to read the full interview and to learn more about Koons' upcoming 2014 retrospective at the Whitney.

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[via TMagazine]