Marc and Sara Schiller

The Wooster Collective

Rule: Choose artists who will set the bar high.

"The success of any curated show relies on the quality of the work, not the names of the artists who are included in the flyer. For our '10 Years Of Wooster Collective' and '11 Spring' shows, we knew that artists like Shepard Fairey and Faile would deliver very high quality work, so they were the first people we invited. Once they're involved, the bar is then set, and it's set at a very high level. All the other artists afterwards know that they need to 'deliver the goods,' otherwise they'll be showed up by their peers. It's this competitive pressure that creates a blockbuster exhibition."

Recent Projects:

11 Spring
"10 Years Of Wooster Collective 2003 – 2013"
TRESPASS: A History Of Uncommissioned Urban Art
The Sheboygan Project
Wooster On Paper

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