Hans Ulrich Obrist has achieved some sort of curator celebrity, and this may be because the Swiss-born director at Serpentine Gallery in London knows how to have a little fun with the stuffy characters of the art world. He often asks artists—including Kanye!—to write one phrase on a small piece of paper and then Instagrams the result. He also just released Think Like Clouds, a diary of sorts including years of notes, sketches, and scribbles from Obrist's fantastic curatorial life. 

For Obrists' newest endeavor, he is downsizing slightly by curating an installation in a 300-square-foot virtual gallery. The gallery, Walter McBeer, is artist Henry Gunderson’s online exhibition space. Yet "virtual gallery" may not be the best term for this miniature space.

According to Animal New York, who reached out to Gunderson for clarification, the gallery itself is made of real walls, a floor, and a ceiling, but there is never actually an opening. Instead, the exhibiting artist says who he wants to attend the opening, and Gunderson Photoshops the attendees in. A successful gallery launch is as easy as cut and paste.

Well we're not sure how engaging such a virtual gallery—or whatever we're calling it—will be, we're curious to see what the ol' Obrist touch will add to the project. 

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[via Animal New York