Terry Richardson is a name you've likely heard before—unless you're Fox News. Like anything these days, Fox News' recent interest in the photographer is a result of Richardson's connection to the attention-grabbing Miley Cyrus.

While Fox News is certainly willing to criticize Cyrus, the network also takes time chastizing Richardson's corruption of the young twerk fanatic. To support its claims, Fox dug up Richardson's old harassment accusations from 2010, speaking to model Jaime Peck about her experiences with Richardson.

"I went over there the first time and it was pretty normal and I posed nude for him, no big deal...The second time he felt like I was a little more comfortable and he asked me to do some gross stuff. Like he wanted to play with my tampon, and then he convinced me to touch his penis, and I did, and I really still am not sure why I agreed to do that," claimed Peck.

We're certainly not advocating any of Richardson's shenanigans (if indeed they are true), but we're surprised that Fox News is just hearing about Richardson's reputation now. Either way, "Uncle Terry" is not likely the reason for Miley's transition from Disney star to twerkaholic.

Instead we'd call that "growing out of child stardom".

[via Fox News]