YOW! I remember seeing this BBC Black tunic previewed forever ago. Shit was fire then and it’s fire now. Are you over tunics and long shirts? WE'RE OVER YOU, HOMIE. Why don’t you keep those contrarian attitudes where you keep those Lardini jacket? See, you could embrace change and wear a tunic underneath your Lardini jacket. I didn’t realize this was made out of ripstop fabric, which has a cross-hatch pattern. NICE MILITARY REFERENCE, MR. MCNAIRY. Here’s a pro-tip based on personal experience though: Pooping with a tunic on is more complicated than a regular shirt. You gotta hike that shit up lest your jawnz take a dip. HAVE GIRLS HAD TO HIKE UP TUNICS AND DRESSES AND OTHER GARMENTS LIKE THIS ALL ALONG? HEY MA, I’M SORRY WE MARGINALIZE YOU AND ONLY PAY YOU, LIKE, 70 CENTS TO OUR DOLLAR, BUT I’M EXTRA SORRY FOR NOT UNDERSTANDING THE STRUGGLE OF POOPING WITH A DRESS ON.