The fall is great for wearing wingtips, boots, and anything with thick enough leather and a hardbottom sole that will protect your feet from the cold days but make them feel like two bricks after a few hours. Let's face it, although wingtips and boots look great, most of the time they suck to wear when we're discussing comfort.

Sure, you could toss on your airy, soft, lightweight running sneakers, but then your feet are going to freeze on the first morning when its 42 degrees outside. But you don't have to sacrifice the look of high quality and prestige of your handmade shoes this fall. FEIT, who made great sneakers this summer, is back with high-and low-top versions of its Hand Sewn sneakers. This time, instead of a tanned leather variation, the kicks come in a rich burgundy that'll take any fall or winter kit to the next level. You now have the option to give your oxblood Timbs a rest and wear something with a lower profile.

However, you'll need to get your money up, as each pair will run you $450 for the low and $495 for the high. Your feet will stay dry from sneakers' Goodyear welts but will break in even better than brogues and cap-toes.

Only 60 pairs of each style were made, and will be available at Dover Street Market Ginza in London and the brand's Sydney, Australia retail shop.