Since 1958, Elka has provided top-notch rainwear for fisherman, police officers, and steezy dudes alike. The Danish brand has become a familiar name in the fashion world—collaborating with Comme des Garçons and Norse Projects—but this is the year the label is finally launching its first complete collection, under the Elka Regntøj name, this fall/winter 2013.

Elka purveys the jackets that we love to sport, because they protect from the rain, are light enough to layer, and, ultimately, look rad. Plus, coming up for spring/summer 2014, the brand is going to offer the jackets in a multitude of colors, but remains true to the Scandinavian ethos of less is more—and keeps the designs as no-frills as they've been for the past 55 years.

Maybe you weren't lucky enough to get street-styled at NYFW, but if you cop yourself one of these Elka jackets, you're sure to get snapped when the shows come around next February.

Expect the fall/winter 2013 collection to launch at September 16 at Amsterdam's 290 Square Meters. If you're in Amsterdam and looking to take a break from the Red Light District, swing through the shop to check out the launch and grab a brew.