In the day's most disgusting scientific revelation, a new study found that make-up, a phone, and spare pair of flat aren't alone in the average woman's handbag. A study, funded by Mentos Gum, swabbed the bottoms of women's bags to see what was down there. After scanning the swabs, the study revealed traces of E. colifaecal StreptococcusPseudomonas, and human shit

Even if a bag is meant to be shocking on the outside, like Rihanna's penis bag, it seems that it's what's on the inside that counts. The study showed that 33 percent of the participants never wash the insides of their bags, and many members of the test group claimed they carry around dirty underwear and used tissues. While men cannot even begin to claim to be cleaner than the fairer sex, you might want to think twice before being offered a piece of gum that your female friend found at the bottom of her bag. 

[via Daily Mail]