On the day that Nothing Was the Same dropped, Drake stopped by the Hot97 studios to chop it up with Angie Martinez. After going through the usual pleasantries about the album and how he's feeling, Angie Ma brought up the YOLO Polos, to which Drake reacted in a way no one expected. While wearing some very expensive Alexander Wang, Drake had this to say about the $25 polo shirts:

"Yo, to the guy that sells the YOLO Polos, I bought five YOLO Polos and you never sent them to my house. If I ever see you, I'm gonna have to put them hands on you. I'm wearing a Cartier ring, it is gonna hurt when you see me."

Drake went on to say that he's "a bitter customer." He asked if anyone had the info on the designer's PayPal account information. "Because I would've been wearing it right now," he explains. That would've been some meta-Drizzy shit. Of course, this was all done in fun, and we don't think the designer has anything to worry about.