These Neighborhood Sunoco pants basically a really nice version of whatever chinos you're wearing. Wait, do you guys even wear chinos? I don’t know anything anymore. I’m getting progressively dumber and dumber. I can’t predict trends anymore with any sort of certainty, WHICH IS WHY I MAKE THEM NOW AS AN INFLUENCER. You don't have to be smart to influence people. Just think back to high school. The most influential kids were complete fucking dingdongs. I was gonna try and fit a “Citgo” reference into this shit since these pants are called Sunoco, but I wasn’t sure if Sunoco was a national chain of gas stations or just a regional thing. And also because everyone’s talking about Drake right now and couldn't care less about Keef. That shit is emotional, I agree, but it’s nothing compared to It’s Dark and Hell is Hot. I used that joke on Twitter, but ain’t nobody following me on twitter so we good. When I was in law school I wanted moot court to have entrance music like boxing. My song would’ve been “Fuckin wit’ D”. Leave your preferred entrance music in the comments.