Blousons are so fucking cool, guys. When I was in Italy, all we talked about was blousons. I think I even called jackets that weren’t blousons, "blousons" because it was a new word for me. I always thought a blouson was, like, those shirts pirates wore or some shit, but evidently they are jackets. I could look up the origin of the word, but c’mon, we’ve gotten to know each other over about a year now and you and I both know neither of us are going to look it up. We’re just gonna make fun of each other in the comments. And, like, 10% of you are gonna tweet something along the lines of: “Jon Moy’s shtick on Four Pins is getting old. I think it’s time to find something else to read while I’m pretending to work.” THOSE TWEETS HURT MY FEELINGS AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE I READ ALL OF THEM. But feel free to make fun of Des Moines a bunch because TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT, TAKE THAT, NICK GRANT. The Detroit vs. Des Moines beef is so high definition right now. Oh yeah, this is an Our Legacy jacquard wool blouson that is way nice.