Coke Magic instantly became the favorite T-shirt brands of any hip-hop head who discovered the brand's penchant for putting Pen & Pixel's famous album artwork on tees. This time, instead of opulent album art, Coke Magic's latest batch focuses on promotional images that were more likely to be seen on street posters and adsthat lined the pages of publications such as Word Up! If you were a fan of the glorious years when the Dirty South ruled hip-hop, prepare to rep C-Murder, Master P, and B.G. and other images from the brand's previous release.

Rap tees have re-emerged and are being worn by artists such as Drake and Big Sean. While they're pulling out vintage pieces from the '90s, your quick fix to this dilemma, other than digging through countless thrift shops, is to holler at Coke Magic.

Its latest editorial is modeled by Chuck Inglish, a rapper and producer who is known for his throwback style. And if your T-shirt game is already on lock, this drop includes a crewneck sweatshirt that pays tribute to the rappers who made us say, "Ughhh," and showing off our bling-bling.

Take a look through the editorial and visit the brand's website, where these goods will drop soon. You can now turn your personal style up to "400 Degreez."